As the owner and maker of Brick and Scale's handmade goat milk soaps, I wanted to share my experience with our product.  For years living in Southern California, a desert, I have experienced the worst dry hands. They have been so dry that my fingers actually cracked at my nail beds and fingertips.  The pain was always horrible and bandages never stayed on!  I had tried many different remedies to fix the problem.  After switching all of our personal products to natural options and researching the benefits of different types of butters, oils, and the incredible benefits of goat milk for our skin, we decided to make our own soaps in order to use each of these amazing ingredients.  We created natural recipes full of skin-loving ingredients that are free from parabens, chemicals, sulfates, and detergents.  Although our intention was just to have a natural soap with ingredients we loved to use on our skin, I personally experienced the benefits. After using our goat milk soap bars, I have not had one, not one, crack on my fingers anywhere!  My hands are softer and feel more nourished and are without cracks.  We are proud of the recipes we created.  We never claim to heal or treat any conditions, but do believe in the incredible benefits of converting chemical laden products to healthy natural based products.  

- Kenna, Owner and Maker of Brick and Scale's Goat Milk Soaps


"I just recently started using this goat milk soap and it is by far the best soap I have ever used! My skin is very sensitive, dry, and prone to irritation and this soap really helps. Also, the bars are so beautiful that I have been buying them as gifts to give to friends and family. I would highly recommend Brick and Scale and all of their wonderful products!"

- Kit R., Customer


"I've tried many facial cleansers and none of them removed ALL of my makeup as well as this goat soap! I've ditched all other products and switched to only using brick and scale soap to clean my face at night. I can honestly say my skin is so much softer in the morning and very refreshed!! Love love love!!"

- Lauren C., Customer


"Made for a duchess! I have really sensitive skin and eczema. After just one use my skin felt soft and nourished. I went to bed feeling like I was sleeping on a bed with 1000 thread count sheets. If I were Oprah I would have the Langdon soap in my gift bag giveaways for my favorite things."

- Melissa M., Customer